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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 1

Yes, Elfman's score was iconic for its time but it's not the standard for modern superhero scores. The whole soundtrack is brimming of dark comedic tones. Being 'catchy' doesn't make the '89 soundtrack superior either. Ace of Base had hummable songs too, but does make the band superior over current electronic pop bands today? No. That's just nostalgia talking. Zimmer had his shortcomings as a composer but to claim the '89 soundtrack remains the top Batman score is a fallacy. Older fans might identify with Elfman's work but there's no depth to it. Say what you will about Zimmer's efforts but there's no comparison. For instance, in Begins there's one particular scene that cements Hans' score as inspiring and heroic -- Bruce discovering the Batcave and facing his fear. There's no track in Elfman's work that reflected that type of empowerment.

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