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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
How can you not be okay with someone jumping or opening a door? It's okay to want him to do more, we all want him to, but in those situations he did exactly what he should have done. I'd understand if you thought his fighting moves during the fights were lackluster, but showing simple displays of strength shouldn't be looked down upon. What do you want him to do in those situations? Grab the door and crush it in one hand? Should he jump up high from an unnecessary hand stand?
I can't speak for him, but I feel similar in those being lackluster. They are good in those situations and show off his athleticism, but what I want at least are better fight scenes and even more incredible feats of athletic ability included with the jumping stuff. Similar to that .gif posted vs the Chitauri and the Video Game montage. I want shield throws off multiple people and walls with him jumping flipping and fighting then catching the shield and using it to deflect attacks in one big scene.

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