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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
If you've really answered it best you could, I'll let it go. Not because I "need" to considering I didn't really get anything out of this discussion whatsoever, but because this is going nowhere.

That said, I'm pretty sure Kevin Feige said the Russo bros were going for a really action heavy movie. And in a movie with so much action, we're bound to see something cool.

P.S. reaction GIF's grind my gears

Yeah, I have a safe feeling with Phase 2. I'd like to think Marvel's been listening, and won't let anyone down with Cap's moves in the next movie. Everyone should be stepping it up in this Phase. Except for the Guardians since this will be their first outing, but even then, they need to come out strong.

Sorry, I can't help myself with the gifs. Love 'em. I'm so tempted to put up a "Grinds my gears" gif, but I won't.

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