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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

I like the scene in TASM where Petey effortlessly dodged point blank gunfire from bike cop. That was seriously awesome! The fluidity of his movements in that scene... a great foundation to build upon his fighting style and more of his bullet-timer feats.

On the subject of Cap in WS, the sort of villains in this movie almost garauntees more h2h. Imo Cap should fight like a mix of Jason Bourne, Blade, and Ozy in Watchmen. Cap has had great feats of srength, (jumping 9ft fences, pulling the car door of a cab to use as a makeshift shield, throwing a man out of the canal while being mostly submerged, tossing armored men 15ft in the air up.and over a tank, taking point blank Chirari rifle fire to the abdomen, and many more. Now its time to show some really slick super soldier fight coreography.

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