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Default Re: 300: Rise of an Empire

Originally Posted by eddy View Post
Out of the 4 "too late to care" CBM sequels(this, kick-ass 2, sin city 2, and red 2)being released this year,this will probably be the worst.
How is Red 2 "too late to care"? It comes in the regular timeframe folks expect for sequels (2-3 years apart), not after. The first film hit October 2010, the sequel is hitting July 2013. That's close to three years.

And it's funny, seeing how Eva Green will be in two of those "too late to care" sequels. She's playing the villain in not only 300: Rise of an Empire but also in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. She'll definitely be a highlight in both... she always adds class, her A-game, and her smoldering Gallic beauty to every role.

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