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Originally Posted by DOFP View Post

I made this a while ago, I think they will list single names from Hugh Jackman - Anna Paquin, then "with Famke Janssen", "and James Marsden" then would continue with triple names sharing the screen from Josh H -BooBoo S.
I'm sure someone has said this before but there is no way in hell that a series regular from American Horror Story a show which garners low enough ratings that if it were aired on almost any other network it would be cancelled, (I know enough people have said that already) would be billed higher than Oscar Winner Halle Berry.

Not to mention that Peters is a new addition to the series whereas Berry has been a part of the franchise since the very beginning as well as having been billed second for her previous X-Men Film. Yes, Halle is not as HUGE as she used to be but she has NOT fallen that far from grace. I'm sorry that very suggestion is laughable.

(Now having said that I wouldn't be surprised if May 23rd 2014 comes, and whilst I sit in my theater and watch the credits come up and Evan Peters will be billed higher than Halle Berry.)

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