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Originally Posted by roach View Post
I never understood why Superman gets the blame...destruction and death happen in almost every other Superhero movie and none of the blame is put on the hero.
No one blames The X-men for the deaths caused by Magneto in the films.
No one blames Batman for everything that happened in Gotham since he came along.
No one blames Spider-man for everything that happened in his movies (other than JJJ).
No one blamed any of the Avengers and their side movies for death and destruction.

So why are we now blaming Superman?
I agree. Actually, Superman's collateral is much more understandable. It wasn't like he was just going about willy nilly. It's kind of hard to remove Zod from the playing field if he doesn't want to be removed.

I think this kind of criticism is more justifiable towards Batman in Batman Begins. Batman, "I won't kill this man who is a murderer! I'll just blow up this entire building instead to escape! Killing dozens of ninjas in the process!" Or his police chase scene, were he employs tactics to evade the police that are so extreme it's laughable when we hear a report saying nobody was killed.


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