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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?

That's really good stuff. Starting them off in a relationship is a bit of a stroke of genius. It does take out the first meeting, but if you play that off as boring and incidental and let that be part of the story, it could be really interesting. Also could be fun if they remember it differently, and how it actually happened is a point of argument/contention. It does have the effect of removing Walter as a central character, and making him more than untouchable hero type... but that could be cool.

The unique setting is just difficult. Even if you give her hidden aliens, like MIB you still might overlap with Inhumans if that ever gets off the ground. Even splitting the difference between Cap and GOTG leaves you in a place a lot like Avengers. Unless I'm reading it wrong and it should in fact be a combination, where the military comes into conflict with aliens. When it's both military and aliens, that's where Captain Marvel lies, and that rings true, that works.

Flight is good, and that definitely should show that off a couple times before we see her with any powers. I think it would be cool if she fought "side by side" with Mar-Vell at one point, her flying a craft, him just... flying, both shooting, very fun.

Love Abigail Brand, ideal supporting character here.

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