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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?

Captain Marvel definitely needs some flight! Both of the jet and super-powered variety.

I just hope they can handle it better than the Green Lantern flight scenes which generally seemed dull, again both the jet and the super-powered variety.

It will be hard to explain the "ordinary" military dealing with any kind of threat from aliens after the introduction of SHIELD in the Marvel Movie Universe. But, Carol's airforce base (or other military outpost) could have their communications cut off from SHIELD by the Kree/Skrull/other alien. Or SHIELD could simply be slow in responding.

To be fair, it's an issue in ALL of their movies post-Avengers. Simply mentioning SHIELD in Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 isn't necessarily enough to explain why they don't appear and also ignores the creation of The Avengers themselves. Perhaps some sort of isolation would be best.

Walter could be working at a somewhat remote military outpost with the secret purpose of recreating the original experiment with the Terrigen Mist and humans (which resulted in the Inhumans). Walter may decide against going through with the experiments, leading to conflict with the Kree, but the military base is "cut off" from the rest of the world. Cue big battle, explosions, missiles (all the things Bay loves) and Carol's exposure to the Terrigen Mist. Perhaps once the Kree have kidnapped Walter, it could then move into outer space with Carol's rescue attempt?

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