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Default Re: Who should play Ms. Marvel if she gets her own film?


I'd be fine with them just being friends.

But, I think the emotional impact of Walter's death would be greater if they were more than friends. And I think there needs to be a stronger basis for Walter choosing Carol or somehow manipulating events to favour Carol when she acquires superpowers. I'm not sure I'd want it to be a random accident, even though I'm pretty sure that's the basis in the comics. I think it would be preferable if Walter recognised that Carol was someone special and that she was worthy or deserving of superpowers (although that does cross-over into Green Lantern territory once again with a jet fighter being chosen to be the hero).

It would also be great to see a female superhero as the "hero" who is saving her man (although to be fair, that has been done to a limited extent with Black Widow and Hawkeye and with Pepper Potts and Iron Man).

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