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Default Re: Official Batman Beyond Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by union_jak View Post
Well we know what happened to half the Legion of Doom lol, they were all killed by Killer Frost/Darkseid. I guess the villains can thank the Bat-Embargo for that

I presume The Penguin would've sold up and moved to some corrupt island until he died of liver disease or whatever. Two-Face might've died a horrible death after going too far with a crime, and Poison Ivy probably killed herself when she got her first wrinkle.

We know what happened to Ra's/Talia and Harley Quinn though.
Oh yeah. Harley's cameo was great.

Speaking of Legion of Doom, I was shocked at how quickly those members who sided with Grodd were executed in that particular episode. I remember watching it, and was like, "Damn!".

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