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Default Re: Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo?

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
I don't see why The Unicorn wouldn't work. The code name isn't that bad. Hell, it kind of evokes an espionage spy thriller feel, which is the root of the character's origin anyway. The only real snag would be the communist aspect of the character, to which there are two solutions: 1) He was an agent for the KGB during the cold war, and became a mercenary after the fall of the Berlin wall. Or, if you want to tie him to The Mandarin, say that he quit before the Soviet Union fell, having become disillusioned with Communism, and joined up with The Mandarin. 2) Make him a Chinese wetworks guy, and put him in opposition to The Mandarin.
I bet most people would disagree with the code name, it sounds femmine.

His design kinda sucks too. Plus his powers are lame and generic.

But you don't think there are tons of villains who should appear before unicorn? Ones who don't have femmine names.

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