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Default Re: Erica Durance : The Iconic Reporter

Originally Posted by The Incredible Hulk View Post
Like these threads Caped Knight

Mack, Glover, and Hartley probably deserve their own ones too.

Your welcome to do it of course. I didn't want to start all the thread for the cast I figured I'd give others the opportunity . I figure Milos would've jumped at the chance by now to create a Chloe/Allison Mack thread.

I love to see a thread for John and Annette : Jonathan and Martha Kent the best Adoptive parents in the world who without them the moral values and characteristics of Superman wouldn't exist.

Getting back on topic, Erica is IMO the best Lois Lane, by far because she was able to grow into the role. While others may not have enjoyed seeing Lois (pre-Daily Planet Ace Reporter) I enjoyed watching Lois start off as a tabloid reporter who made her way up to becoming a serious and very recognizable top investigative reporter . I also loved how we got to see her relationship with Clark grow from annoyance to admiration and finally love.

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