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Default Re: What MCU Phase 1 Movie had the best soundtrack?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
It was hard to choose between The Avengers and Captain America. Both Alan Silvestri scores were wonderful and each had its moments of sheer grandeur. The CA:TFA score also had the brilliant song, Star-Spangled Man, which was simply inspired. The fact that it wasn't nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars was a crime. The Captain America March was also a terrific piece.

In the end I chose The Avengers because the music so perfectly matched the mood of each scene. There were identifiable character themes, as well, suiting the ensemble nature of the film. The Black Widow's theme was particularly apt and repeated during her major scenes. Silvestri did a wonderful job of thematically linking the scenes and having the score follow the progression of the film. Hopefully Marvel has locked him in for the sequel, as well as CA:TWS.
I agree, Captain America had a wonderful score. I particularly like the pieces "Triumphant Return" (when Cap brings home the POWs of the 107th) and the "Howling Comandos Montage" (when Cap assaults the Hydra Supertank, then jumps off ahead of the explosion.)

And "Star Spangled Man" was so fitting. It very well captured the spirit of the 40's bond drives and popular music of the era.

Avengers was still my favorite though. The piece "Assemble", especially at the moment when the team gathers together in the street, finally together as "one" is so fitting, and as JB stated above, "A Promise" brings the film to a close with a theme that is so fitting for the Avengers.

I guess really each of the films, with the exception of Hulk (I didn't think the Hulk score was that great) has highlights for me, and I could easily pick favorite musical pieces and the corresponding moments, for each of the films in Phase 1.

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