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Default Re: Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party XIV

Originally Posted by wiegeabo View Post
Yeah, that's not rigging.

The states get to determine how Electoral Votes are given out. Three states give them out proportionally, not using winner-take-all. This is one of the proportional methods (can't remember if it's being used by those states, or if they do straight percentages). It gives each district the vote granted to it for each Representative. The two votes granted to the State for the senators is given through the winner-take-all method to represent the State's vote as a whole.

There's a good bit of support for methods like this because it breaks up the 'battleground' state situation, forcing candidates to focus on smaller, and more widespread, populations.
It also makes everywhere but Cincinnati and Columbus pointless. I am guessing all the cash thrown into the state every 4 years is a economic boom for the state. But hey it helps the Republicans

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