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Originally Posted by wiegeabo View Post
no, it means the opposite.

Instead of being able to win a state by just catering to a couple of the larger population centers, candidates will have to win the actual districts.

And in a state like California, where most of the districts are actually red, it means that the Republicans can count on a good number of EC votes from here. It also means the Dems can't just focus their money on the big liberal urban centers like SF and LA that pull the state just from their sheer population size. They'll have to put money into the smaller districts, which can make the Republican spending in the big cities more effective.

Basically, it makes both sides work harder. Which is a good thing.
Considering the red districts tend to have less population id rather it not go that way. Last thing I want is a bunch of rural low population areas ruling the election. And wouldnt gerrymandering be a problem?

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