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Default Re: Discussion: Conspiracies and Cover Ups

Conspiracy theories, or most of them to me, underestimate the fact that "conspiracies" are pretty natural to humans. As history shows, humans will perpetuate a bankrupt system long past the point of it's usefulness.

When did we start to realize Christianity, and most other religions were simply mythological and allegorical. Not really historically accurate. Because it isn't a new idea, you can read Thomas Jefferson, and atheists tracing back even BEFORE Jesus who were onto similar and well backed ideas.

Quite ironically, in my opinion it's like there are conspiracies, and there really aren't.

Basically since we live in a monetary society, money is going to pool near the top. It's just what happens. Just run the numbers. It's great for people who get in early and sh***y for people who get in late. Money is a decent idea in theory, because it incentivised great change, but one day it will outlive it's usefullness.

What I dislike about conspiracists is when it's all 'The Rothchilds". Don't get me wrong, they suck, but like any other human, they're gonna milk a teet until it runs dry. I think politics overall is a somewhat natural process, but it's not a bad thing to get mad at "the system" and want it to change faster. That's always a noble gesture in my opinion. Yet most conspiracists lack any tangible contribution to society, so they're forced to simply squeele and point at the ones making mistakes and or deliberately doing wrong and try to blow the whistle on them.

I give the people who did Loose Change and Zeitgeist credit for being creative and getting across a message that truly makes you think. Zeitgeist at least seems more tongue and cheek that it's exaggerating to make a point, a very good point, about common humanity (see: Addendum. It's much more clear what point he's getting at). They also should be applauded since some of what they say is really quite true. Corporations really are operating at an unchecked level, and have some very shady, sh***y and horrible connections to war, and indeed buy Politicians. That's a fact, jack. It's also a fact though that their are very well meaning and non corrupt people in Government.

I'm always more than a little baffled at their selective use of scientific thinking. For example, doubting Jesus on a lack of evidence is not a bad thing. Then deciding that means the Bible is some plot by the Pagans to control us because if you look at the astrological signs...blah...blah...blah. Yeah, wow, they discovered that sometimes religions aren't very creative and rip each other off. I assume the similarities between Superman and Jesus are a conspiracy by the Jews or Pagans or some sh** too? Yeah, that's ridiculous. Shakespeare and so many other literary icons have already pointed out there's only so many basic stories out there that get repeated, mostly out of convenience...remakes aren't some new thing after all.

See that's where the conspiracy takes all the wrong turns. For another example, the Bible codes. The idea there are secret languages in things, like the Riddler leaving clues for Batman. By the way...see what I did there. Mentioned Riddler, Batman, Superman, Jesus and Shakespeare. Must mean we're all in cahoots right? Starting a NWO, right? Wrong. I'm just referencing things common to me and others at my time. So of course they'll be odd, seemingly coincidental references in writings. That, in fact, is often how they study writings and determine age; by seeing what phrases are used. If someone turned in a parchment with God saying "sorry dude" and said it was written at the time of Christ, and contained references to him I think there would be serious doubts of it's authenticity. But hey, it worked for Joseph Smith.

The problem is they go that one step further and read intent into, which you also cannot do without evidence. Sure, someone may have f***ed up and entered a bunch of blatant lies into oral tradition. It's called gossip and sometimes it sticks. Same thing with Bush. You can certainly prove that someone in that White House either knew something or should've known something, because people had tried to warn them and documentation has been produced that shows at least gross negligence on their part. Yet it's hard to then conclude it's an evil plot, and not just something they conveniently ignored that took advantage of rather than admitted any wrong doing.

I think conspiracy theorists also underestimate the amount of time Government and even private Industries spend playing mindsweeper rather than doing their jobs.

The other thing I dislike about conspiracies (I guess this is a long list) that conspiracists usually present themselves as "outside the conspiracy", so therefore they have no allies, and more importantly they miss their role. When they trot someone out in these videos to comment on liquidating a country, they're not "blowing the whistle on a conspiracy", they are simply adding to the body of knowledge. Technicians and Engineers understand you fix a system a component at a time, you don't find a bad transitor and throw out your whole car.

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