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Default Re: Discussion: Conspiracies and Cover Ups

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
There all possible. However, often the answer is the one we've seen, just simplified.
I take the position that most conspiracy theories have a kernel of truth, or highlight something we've "accepted".

There's no doubt Bush, Cheney and Rummy went to great lengths to cover their a** about "something" (which is largely speculative).

Holocaust deniers have a lot of asinine theories which are quite amusing to me. However the raise a valid point of the 6 million that's been repeated. It's definitely an estimate at best, and although its based in fact you'll notice most historians have minor variations (some say 5.5, some think as low as 3). They're other valid point is that white supremacy and 'concentration camps' were found to a *slightly* lesser extent in Allied Countries. We still want to white wash Internment, but the gas chambers are about the only difference. We, unlike the Nazis didn't have allies reporters out photographing our 20,000 supposed dead (we "forgot" to record), those we had beaten, shot while trying to escape or forced into labor. I've always struggled to defend them. My best defense is "they were as bad" which is like getting a choice being being made a paraplegic or being drawn and quartered.

Illuminati people are good to point out financial institution mindlessly getting us into wars for profit. Which is beyond ethically bankrupt. But then they take it too far, claim everyone they dislike is "in on it" or attach wackiness about lizards, Freemasons, Bavarian Illumantis, Skull N Bones, Walt Disney, the Music Industry, Zionists, Jews, and on and on and on.

The Alien guys seem the most divorced from reality.

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