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Default Re: Discussion: Conspiracies and Cover Ups

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
I saw "Holocaust deniers" and "good point" in the same sentence and a part of me just exploded.
Yet, that's the thing. They all have good points, which get muted because they take this too far.

Lizard People, for example. How do you jump from the notion that because there is a "system" that seems to be in control, and then it's run by Lizard People? You don't. It's just a conclusion that's a jump in logic.

But you're wrong if you think there is nothing to what any conspiracist says. In fact I think many take an extreme position in a way to mock those taking extreme positions.

People cry about the Holocaust as if it's something "other people" did, and "other nations" and how could those poor Jews end up around such "evil" people. Because we all know the Allies were 'the good guys'. Meanwhile the Japanese and Native Americans must have been wondering why people in there country were missing the obvious fact of Ghettos and concentration camps right there in their own nation.

I mean clearly we all remember the Native Americans being allowed to all roam freely from third world reservations during WWII, oh wait, many of them were still being held there against their will, even while they died from starvation. Yeah.

Since 2000 we've killed 11 million civilians (matching the amount the Nazis killed).

You can stick your fingers in your ears and pretend it's different because one did it with gas chambers and the other with guns and bombs, but that doesn't console the dead.

Conspiracy theorists make one good point, all of them.

It's time every damn person woke the f*** up and stop acting like their version of history is the heroes story and everyone else is the villain.

Wanting to erase something from the history books in my mind is just plain wrong, but wanting even handedness about the subject of wrongful imprisonment and genocide is not. Sorry.

It's this bullheadedness that's gotten us into this Middle Eastern, Israeli and Palestine quagmire.

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