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Default Re: Discussion: Conspiracies and Cover Ups

I thought of something interesting last night and it's really been bothering me...

...Hollywood is basically one giant sex trafficking ring.

Some of what I've read does sound like the pretty prudish reactions to some regular ole'fashion consenting adults being kinky, which is fine, or just not being good at relationships (of which I know many).

No this is more the Feldman/Haim stuff. You have to believe those two are right. Now there's word that basically working on the Disney, Nick and Cartoon channels basically mean
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
you may in all likelyhood have s***ed and f***ed some dick to get there.

It's interesting to consider that big money families might end up havening pedophiles rather than turning them in. I decided whether or not I knew a family that did, and I do...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Funny when it occurred to me. My grandmother and grandfather are Saints on my father's side, but her brother was a Catholic Priest who molested several dozen boys including my own Uncles. Never served a day. Never lost a dime. Simply cannot be a Priest. Takes escursions now and travels all over the world off of a severence package from his rich employers in the Vatican.

But he wrote us all letters telling us how sad he was.

Then I thought of this girl I knew from American Idol. We hung out a lot and she was a huge Patriots fan. Her Dad is real weird, and he's very evangelical Christian, claiming to have been an atheist. She says she's a virgin at 21, gorgeous btw, and yet she would always make awkward comments to me that seemed odd. She told me her Dad "wouldn't let her have a boyfriend". Also on Facebook her Dad stalks her; commenting any time boys do, on all her statuses and photos. He really seems to "shop" her around, picks every thing up, moves to Nashville suddenly, very secretive.

Now of course I also faced a slight brush with one myself. Mine was not that bad, in fact I had the good mind to say STOP and recluse myself. I never talked about it much until like two years ago. Don't feel sorry for me there TRUST ME, I'm fine, but here's where a little personal knowledge feeds in.

I know 95% of rapes go unreported according to estimates by the FBI. I know from personal experience and family members that it's not talked about, they want to keep that pristine image. Especially mine since they are rich.

It's also just hard to talk about. So basically this has been a round about way of pointing out NOTHING happens to wealthy pedophiles and sex offenders AND victims rarely come forward, especially when bribed. Which happen with the Catholic Church and my Uncle. You can't make this stuff up.

This isn't entirely an implausible theory.

Jerry Sandusky of course being a recent example.

People sometimes say often after one case comes forward "uh, now everyone wants to get in on the action. Durrrrrrrrrr!". That's idiotic. Most landmark court cases set something called pecedent, meaning the law from now on must in some way reflect on the findings of a ruling. Look at how all the rulings against police brutalities ramped up Internal Affairs for example.

It really does make sense to when you think about the nature of finance in the film industry. A wealthy few have the money to financially back a big market picture. Casting Couch Snydrome, some of the rumors about Dan Schnieder, much of the "Old Hollywood Story" and the Disney director who only did 15 months and was rehired to work with Children (Victor Salva - he videotaped a 12 year old performing acts), it actually happened for sure.

Most of what I read was mindless speculation from third or fourth parties, but the stuff that has more first hand accounts like Haim, Michael Jackson of course seemed weird, Heidi Fleiss, that prostitute soldier thing is just plain weird (y'all have fun with that...even Jon Stewart found that one lol), of course we saw the Catholic Church already, mine being a snapshot of that, and Roman Polanski, because who could forget about him.

It's not entirely outlandish from science either. Humans definitely have Tribal tendencies and Tribes tend to adopt a 'protect yourself at all costs' mentality. Colleges do this. I remember in College, our suicidal student on our Hall was basically ignored, although when we notified Campus Police they genuinely tried to help him (we had nice people in that Department), and knew he had stopped taking his medication. When he got worse and worse they just sent him home. He killed himself there. Which was really sad. The College, in my mind, ultimately did the right thing, but in much the same way companies avoid injury compensation, it's also hedging your bets. Had he killed himself on Campus it would've cost an enormous amount of time and money. Ultimately though you can't blame them. But I think it highlights how rich people really are only concerned with not spending money, even when the right path is chosen.

While a lot are bald assertions I don't for one find it odd that Hollywood could in fact function a lot like a Prostitution ring for the super rich, especially when Stars are 'rising'. The funny thing is most others countries are KNOWN for this, like North Korea, Bollywood, and Japan all have rampant problems (it seems Japan cuts out the middle man so it's just porn) with sex trafficking and pedophilia.

The few who have come forward claim it's epidemic. If it gets the top blown off it'll be huge. If you really pooled all the big wigs and asked yourself, even if it were only 1/30 of all the potential people who could be involved, it would still be a huge problem. Like I say, once your an adult that's all you, but the pedophilia stuff and incest stuff that keeps coming up is a little frightening.

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