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Default Re: Love this IMBD post about the Damage/Death Toll in MOS

Originally Posted by 4NutzinYoface View Post
"Hmm...I saw Superman stopping Zod...didn't see Superman randomly and arbitrarily going around grabbing citizens and snapping their necks...
But Zod was causing a lot of destruction that Superman tried his best to minimize..kind of hard to do that though when the guy is hitting you through buildings...I don't me crazy. I guess he was supposed to waste time escorting citizens 2 at a time out of the city while Zod just stood waiting..that would have made more sense I guess."

For the most part, IMDB is a giant cesspool of negativity and ******** but I came across this post and it made me laugh my nutz off LoL!

I did think at some points (namely the Zod and Superman crash through the gas station with the giant explosion haha) that there was a negligence to the amount of deaths being caused by all the fighting that was going on but...seriously...that above post made me really analyze the whole 'death and destruction' thing.

I just think people should take their foot off the gas and stop getting their sphincters in a knot! Who really cares if there was a huge amount of makes it more realistic if you ask me. Kal-El was pretty much just THRUST into this entire situation with ZERO training and pretty much ZERO notice. Give the guy a break LoL he didn't have the tactical, military and combat background his enemies had, not to mention his enemies weren't going to Earth to play paddycake or pick up sticks for christ sakes...they wanted to DESTROY the world! Kal must have been just a wee bit stressed I'd imagine. He did the best he could. And who gives a **** if he killed Zod. Zod was a vicious programmed warrior hellbent on destroying Earth, what was he going to do? Spank him and put him in the corner for a time out?

Just my opinion on the matter.

And the kicker is that Zod probably would have lay waste to Metropolis anyway, if he was any more used to his heat vision the whole city would be in flames. Anyway, I liked that heat vision seems to take anger and focus. It's like the comics, when Supes gets heat vision, you KNOW he's angry. It seemed like he was just getting started to get used to heat vision at the end. If he had all this experience, he would have burnt down the buildings crushed those running out at warp speed. You know he would.

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