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Default Re: Love this IMBD post about the Damage/Death Toll in MOS

Originally Posted by 4NutzinYoface View Post
LoL seriously!

CHRIST almighty people!!! This is to the people who are complaining and *****ing about the movie....PLEASE lighten the **** up!


Ok, look..if you hate the movie? Ok, if it didn't 'wow' you, cool...if it's not your 'cup of tea' that's quite alright. I just think a lot of people are stopping themselves from actually enjoying a really awesome Superman movie with the 'lets put every frigging thing under a microscope and ***** and moan all day long about this, that and the other thing' instead of seeing what's RIGHT in front of us-----> Superman is on the big screen. There's big character moments, beautiful acting, gorgeous cinematography, a score that sounds like baby angels cooing, explosions, hand to hand combat, high stakes, love, sacrifice, morality, all that is good, vanquishing evil, hope &'s got everything!

If this movie came out like 15 years ago (I know it'd probably be impossible with the effects and whatnot but I'm just saying...indulge me here folks) when people weren't such cynical *******s maybe they'd stand up and be proud of what Zack Snyder and everyone accomplished, maybe they'd cheer and clap as soon as the credits rolled and that beautiful Superman 'Hope' glyph appeared.

If the movie came out 15 years ago, people would be even MORE critical. There's this stigma of "Superman is campy, so he shouldn't be serious"

If critics weren't ready for a reboot of an origin 35 years later, what makes you think they won't get mad on the 20th anniversary? Also it'd be a little over decade since Reeve made his last appearance. All we can hope on is for the film to make bank so that it can get more money in the sequel.

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