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Default Re: Love this IMBD post about the Damage/Death Toll in MOS

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Maybe I have a complete minunderstanding of the character that is Superman .....

But on the pecking order of his responsibilities I always thought it went:

1. Protecting the innocent
2. Fighting/Brawling

Was really surprised that this movie featured absolutely none of the luring away of the bad guy to keep them from harming the public. Supes to the fight to them IN public.
He did save two military personnel during the Smallville fight. But the big blue boy scout was missing. Im sad that it wasnt in there for people to really enjoy.

I think most of the complaints about the film really stem from the audience not connecting with Superman. Most of the were entertained but many couldnt enjoy the film because they were too busy looking for the character they recognized, the Boy Scout. But he was not in there. And I hate that for the fans that love that side of Superman, that fell in love with that side of Superman. That was a deal breaker for many. No matter how excellent everything was that was a deal breaker. And I cant say that they're wrong.

Me, I loved the film. And for those like me, we saw a Superman we've never seen before. And we were waiting for this side of him to show up. Not so much how he handle Zod at the end but how he battled, how he flew, his heat vision. His power and ability was so breathtaking to see. And how Zack Snyder coordinated these fight scenes was masterful. And I loved the dialouge in between the fights. It was a nice way to break up the mayhem.

I've said alot, the sequel will make people appreciate today's MOS.

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