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Default Re: The 'The Wolverine' Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1

a 2.6 million opening in Japan would be a major disappointment especially considering it's set in Japan, Has famous Japanese actors and is a big(ish) budget Hollywood Blockbuster with 3D.

I hope that is incorrect. If it is even kind of close, we can kiss 400 million worldwide goodbye.

Either way though, It has already over tripled its Budget worldwide, Is the highest Grossing X-Men film overseas and has already made all its money back and is already profitting not counting product placement marketing or future DVD/Bluray sells, rentals, downloads, ppv or selling TV rights.

This movie was a very profitable indeavor.

The first GI Joe got a sequel from a 300million wwgross on a 175m budget.

And this movie is definitely more profitable (in theaters) than the last 3 X-Men films. It didnt do well in America but was a profitable venture.

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