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Default Re: Ahab - The Horseman Famine

Ok, I guess Polaris could work, but the tough question is whether or not to save her for say, a future X-Factor movie.

The thing that kills me with that idea is Havok. A good X-Factor movie would be to show the government team that consisted of Havok, Polaris, Quicksilver, Wolfsbane, Strong Guy and Multiple Man (if memory serves). I believe Forge was part of the team as well. A main component was the love affair of Havok and Polaris. With Havok as a First Class member it's hard to see that happening.

Personally I don't want Polaris as a Horseman. Other than Wolvie-Death I would like to see the more generic versions of Pstilence (Plague), Famine (Ahab) and War (What's his name)...

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