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Default Re: Ahab - The Horseman Famine

I'm not really keen on Ahab. I'd rather someone we already know, or a more well-known comic book character.

Also, for the movie I'm not sure about giving the horsemen new powers. Wouldn't it be easier for Apocalypse simply to augment their existing abilities?

If, as everyone suspects, Wolverine will get his adamantium from Apocalypse this time, then Wolverine is going to be one of the horsemen. Gambit and Storm could be two of the others, since we are speculating they are both in Eygpt as thieves. Since Mystique was with Wolverine at the end of DoFP, maybe she is the other horseman.

As opponents, that gives us Xavier, Beast, Scott and Jean. Nightcrawler too, if he is an adult team member.

Not sure how Magneto factors into the story. Maybe he's a horseman instead of Gambit.

That's just my late night thoughts and ramblings. It sorta seems logical to me that Apocalypse would augment the powers of Storm and Magneto to use them for destructive purposes, or maybe he will do that with Jean instead?

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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