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Default Re: What will Rogue do?

This is probably the one issue for this film that I can't decide what I'd like to happen. I think they really pissed away the Rogue character in the previous movies and misrepresented her completely. So really, if she got the cure I wouldn't really care, because they are just getting rid of a timid, scared little girl who is nothing like Rogue SHOULD be. Good riddance to her.

But, ideally it'd be nice for them to have some sort of development in her and watch her change her anger and resentment (towards Iceman/Kitty, her powers, etc.) into the strong-headed, powerful character the comic Rogue is.
But that probably won't happen. So cure the **** out of her, and send her packing so I can watch Colossus and Iceman kick ass instead...

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