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Default Re: Scarecrow's appearance in The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by floreairfoot View Post
How do you get that?
Common sense.

Why would you think that's the first time Batman fought with him since BB?
Who said it was the first time Batman fought with him since BB? Show me the quote. I said he was in it because he evaded capture in BB. Meaning he was still on the loose. Meaning he was still a loose end.

Gordon made the point of saying Crane was still on the loose at the end of Begins.

I would even guess that he's been taken down by Batman 2-3 times since the events of BB.
You can guess as much as you like, but he was in it because we didn't see him get caught in Begins. They had to show what became of him.

He just seemed so used to it.
So was all of Gotham's criminals. "They're wise to your act".

At the time of TDK, the whole city is used to Batman being arround, and the badies are jumping at shadows.

A typical night for Batman is taking on a few of his rogue gallery foes.
Yes because he has so many rogues gallery villains to make up a typical night for Batman by the start of TDK. There was Scarecrow.....and.....oh wait, that's all.

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