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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 9

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
They age difference doesn't even look as big as it is. And it isn't like she is 18 years older than him in the first place. The look just fine together.

And I am a fan of Adams and will be judging her performance just like everybody else's in the film.

Personally...I think Amy Adams looks younger next to Henry Cavill than Henry Cavill's actual girlfriend does. Both beautiful women. But if you asked me prior to knowing their ages who was younger...I would have guessed Amy was younger than Gina Carano and I would have been shocked if you told me otherwise. It doesn't matter either way to me because I don't care how old these women are. But if someone had asked me back in January...that would have been my answer.

Then again, I don't see threads where people are picking apart every wrinkle on Henry Cavill's forehead. Because yes, he HAS them. Cavill was a smoker for years. He has wrinkles. He also appears to have had someone fix his hairline for the Superman movie because he started to lose his hair as a young 20 something. Let me be clear: It doesn't matter at all. It doesn't detract from the man's talent or beauty. But it's just funny how culturally we allow men to have lines all over their face or start to lose their hair (because yes, we have plenty of bald male heartthrobs) and we will still swoon over them and view them as youthful and strapping and hot but when women get even the first signs of age? Forget it. She's olddddddd.

Erica Durance went through this same BS on Smallville. Erica and Tom Welling were the SAME AGE and yet people were RUTHLESS to Durance. Ruthless. Horrible, horrible stuff. Calling her horrific, nasty names. Disgusting behavior that I wish I hadn't witnessed. Meanwhile, Erica was and is one of the sweetest women you could have ever hoped to be playing Lois Lane. She LOVED Lois Lane. She LOVED Lois and Clark. She did a GREAT job with the role and she and Tom Welling had electric chemistry together. Yet, Erica was targeted and abused. Tom was 30 years old playing a 19 year old and people would drool over him. I drooled over him. He was stunning. But the disparity in the treatment was repulsive. And it had EVERYTHING to do with gender. A 30 year old guy playing a teen? Sure, you got the occasional jokes that Tom looked mature but it wasn't vicious. It wasn't MEAN. It didn't specifically target him in ways that were degrading and nasty. But cast a woman to play a character younger than herself? Forget it. Abuse. Pure abuse.

But I'll tell you what happened....women and men who refused to stand for that BS rose up around Durance. Fans fought back for her. The defended her. If people were vicious to her...we fought back. The misogyny in the Smallville fandom was rampant and awful and but alot of really smart, thoughtful people fought it. And, ultimately, it did make a difference. We didn't allow that kind of behavior to poison our fandom and we made sure to put people in their place who wanted to bring it into the conversation.

I'm willing to do it for another Lois Lane. I'm armed and ready with love.

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