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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Originally Posted by ciscostudent561 View Post
9/10 for MOS?!
listen, Just like you, I felt Caville's rendition of Superman was awesome. This movie to me, was the best Superman showing, in terms of character and ability. but the movie around him stunk. The romance forced and really out of place... I mean it was just not a really good movie around Superman.
Dude, agree to disagree.

Respect your opinion, but IMO MOS rocked. A story with a lot of heart, solid performances all around ( Jane Foster is pretty boring compared to Lois Lane, who actually shot some of the Kryptonians on their ship, aided by Jor EL GPS) awesome effects, and at last Superman gets to hit someone.

Personally, I thought Portman and Hemsthor had no chemistry whatsoever,
their big reunion had pretty much zero romance, and that's saying a lot as
Portman is a great actor, and Hemsworth is pretty decent.
For some reason, it's just not believable that they're in love, and it's almost as if they knew it too. Anyway, that's just IMO - I'm not a connoisseur of romance films, but I know I've seen more convincing relationships.

When Lois smiles at Clark at the end of MOS, and he smiles back, you walk away knowing things are going to work out okay.

But again, just IMO.

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