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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Dude, nicely put ! Had to defend the Smallville fight so many times its crazy,
so big ups to you, put it better than I did.

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
Clark didn't actively take the fight to Smallville. It is pretty apparent that he snaps at Zod attacking his mother and unleashes upon him. He was not thinking "well we might crash through some silos and end up in the middle of town", he is thinking "get your hands off my mother".

Now I want you to imagine someone threatens your mother and puts their hands on her. I personally would probably lose it, and attempt to hurt the other person quite badly. The same happens with Clark, except him and Zod are super beings. It happens on a grander scale.

For the most part, I never understand this criticism of Clark in this film. He has been incapable of reacting physically to anything his entire life, and on an emotional level, he is all kinds of messed up. Thinking himself a freak, finding out he is alien, and not know how or why he is on Earth.

That he isn't the "perfect" version of Superman yet makes perfect sense. Just how Bruce isn't the perfect Batman yet in Begins.

Goyer is a good ideas guy, bad at the execution. It basically falls to the director to make it all work. I think for the most part Snyder did that in MoS. Not to a Nolan level, but pretty close.

Agree completely. It was a very human reaction, just by someone with Godlike power. I also think he didn't smash Faora into the Ihop on purpose, he just wanted to stop her from taking out the jet.

Also, the fight was just so fast and furious, I don't think Clark ever had a chance to get them away from the town -even harder when the bad guys split up, and Clark had to fight the giant while Faora slaughtered the poor Army dudes. (BTW all you MOS haters, in the middle of all that chaos
he took time to save the falling pilot, even though it gave the giant a free shot at him).

Jor-El's fighting skills......I agree as Mjolnir said, it takes more than brains to fight. Jor-El was pretty athletic, but also he was desperate, not only was his son's future at stake, but the future of his people. Plus, he'd been planning for it, (which why his robot buddy knew when to flash Zod's goons).

As to the effect of Krypton's eugenics programme, also raised by Mjolnir.
I re-iterate, what stronger proof do you need, than Zod ?
His statement in the final smackdown, where he pretty much states that without a purpose he doesn't want to live anymore. That's some pretty strong conditioning.

While Lara and Jor El were clearly able to go against the "Kryptonian Way"
that's not too hard to explain - Jor El is the greatest intellect on Krypton,
don't you think he might be able to see other ways of doing things.
- what separates genius from the rest of us is the ability to see things we can't. So, I just can't see why it's so much of a problem (that is either the fighting skills or sending his son away).

To me, it seems like a minor point or flaw.

Regardless, for whatever reason Jor-El and Lara didn't leave Krypton, it's a key part of the Superman mythos, and it just has to play out that way. I'm not sure you can pick that one apart, it's a bit like saying why didn't the Waynes just go out the main exit of the theatre ?

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