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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Oh sorry, I didn't mean to sound too serious. It's strange, we all have such strong opinions about these characters and their mythologies that
quite often its easy to sound very heated.
I just misunderstood you then. I haven't gotten a heated vibe from you, I just thought one line indicated that you took my post too seriously. That wasn't the case so let's just move on from that.

When it comes to the possible practical reasons why Jor-El and Lara couldn't have followed I prefer that explanation. Now Jor-El said that they couldn't come because they were products of Krypton, which I just feel rhymes ill with how open-minded he is. As you say he also envisions his son as a leader for the people of Earth so he still expects our planet to change.

As for the manipulation, it just comes down to that I think it's a cool concept if they had really taken it to the limit, which I think is appropriate for something that goes on for centuries.

As for Supermans compassion it's in part just my view of him and also it's not about any specific thing but really the small things over the course of the movie. I'm not really a fan of Goyer as a writer but I do think that Cavill did a good job with what was there so there was definitely good things about the character.

As for DC and Marvel I'm the opposite, I've enjoyed the Marvel stuff more. When it comes to the movies I guess I'm just the way that when things get more gritty (or whatever word people want to use for it) I just automatically expect things to follow normal logic to a higher extent. I really enjoyed Nolan's trilogy but they don't grow with me on repeated viewings like some of the MCU movies have done. Just a matter of taste.

On the subject of Volstagg I think he's been really competent in the movies. In the comics he's not a good fighter anymore since he's gotten too fat but he's not doing worse than any of the others in the MCU. They are pretty much the best Asgard has under Thor, Odin and Heimdall.

With the mid/end-credits scenes I don't personally have much problems if they stand out, which it did in TDW. I treat them as separate things, but for those that don't I can get that they seem off at times.

Related to the topic of who sent them I am a bit worried about that they will have to do something off-screen with Odin as Hopkins doesn't seem like the guy that will want to stay with a role for too long. At least not anything less than Hannibal Lecter.

As for the Infinity story I'm sure it could work, but it will be done in a different way for sure. I don't really want to hazard a guess on how they will pull it off so far in advance but I'm interested in seeing it. They clearly have a grand plan when they tease Thanos so early.

I think you are right in that we just disagree. This is just a matter of opinion. Even if something is executed incorrectly in any movie it's still down to if it's a flaw that matters to you or not, and all movies have flaws. If I watch MoS again I'm probably going to try to do it with the one of my friends who is a Superman fan. That might help me get in a different mindset.

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