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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Interesting. I thought Odin's statement improved both his character and the Asgardians in general, and was a nice contrast to the hubris of Loki - helps explain Odin's motivations a bit, in that by not seeing himself as a god, he acknowledges his own fallibility, but also allows the audience to be more understanding when he behaves stubbornly or irrationally (which he is a bit, after the death of Frigga).

I thought it was a good touch. Generally when we see so-called 'gods" in films (e.g the Greek gods in Percy Jackson or Clash of the Titans, or immortals, or let's be honest, Thor in the first film, until he becomes human for a day.......they're a bunch of douche bags) in that respect Odin's statement is actually more god-like, in that he doesn't necessarily belive in some innate superiority to other beings.

Also, god is just a label, Jor El says "he'll be a god to them" in terms of Kal El's relative might compared to humans, but as a man of science doesn't say "he'll be God to them" so what he's really saying is that it's all relative.
Superman might seem omnipotent (compared to humans) but he's not some supernatural spiritual being, possessed of innate superiority, and neither are the Asgardians - which is good, as it makes them more relatable. In some ways, Superman's humanity is his best attribute (and MOS had a lot of that, which were its strongest parts), in Thor too, the best bits arise from the very human interrelations of the characters - probably best of all in the Thor -Loki relationship, which was really well done.

As humans we possess god-like might compared to individual insects or small animals. Odin is acknowledging that same point, which says a lot about his immense wisdom, and the great burden of responsibility he bears, as All-father.

I'm a little surprised you didn't like that, as the Odin-Loki conversation was well written and well acted (by two superb actors) definitely one of the film's better moments.

But that's all IMO. cheers !
I don't see why them not being gods would mean that I could have more oversight when they act badly. If you read the texts of various religions most gods act horribly, stupidly and vainly At least at times, regardless if you look at old myth or current active religions. Many people carry definitions of "gods" that are either wrong or incomplete.

I think one of the reasons Thor is such a good addition to the Marvel universe is that it's such an awesomely absurd thing to throw in gods among everything they had created.

I didn't dislike the scene in itself, I just think it was a bad decision to take the easier road. To not challenge the idea about what a god is. And of course also for the reason that the Asgardians actually are gods in the comics, no ifs or buts about it.

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