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Default Re: Official Cyclops/marsden Thread

Originally Posted by bexta89
Nice pic. Was at my newsagents yesterday, just browsing, and found an X-Men The Last Stand movie magazine. Of course I bought it. Its got bios of the X-Men, and some of the brotherhood, puzzles, and other stuff. Iwas reading Cyclops' bio and I almost screamed. Then I read Wolverine's bio and threw the magazine across the room. Here's what it said:

Real name: Scott Summers.
Mutant power: Optic eye blasts.
Special abilities: Skilled hand-to-hand fighter.
Key attack: Force beam barrage.
Weakness: Removal of his visor can be devastating.
Psych profile: The X-Men's second in command, Cyclops is courageous and steadfastly loyal, and he leads the other mutants by example. in contrast with the more relaxed Wolverine, Cyclops can seem rigid and introverted. The two mutants do not always see eye-to-eye.

Real name: Logan.
Mutant powers: Enhanced sense; healing factor.
Special abilities: Retractable claws; reinforced metal skeleton.
Key attack: Claw slash.
Weakness: Prone to uncontrollable rage.
Psych profile: Logan is one of the most ferocious warriors in the world. At times he can be distant and isolated, but he is honorable and loyal, and shows ever-increasing leadership qualities. Mysteriously, Adamantium, the strongest metal known to man has been surgically grafted to his skeleton. Mutant experiments like this are a sad fact of society. He was only able to survive the process due to his enhanced healing factor. Logan has no memories the predate this event, but he is constantly searching for clues to piece together his past. His healing factor also means that it is impossible to determine his age.

Feel free to voice your opinions people!
ever-increasing leadership qualities? When did that ever happened?

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