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Default Re: The OFFICIAL Mac User Support Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by twylight View Post
I have a Macbook Pro from 2007 and my applecare has long since run out.. also the Apple store is an hour and a half away. So I'd prefer to clean it at home but if you think the Genius Bar is better.... my last experience wasn't so great with them.
A. Waaa...want some french cries? Sorry, but 30 minutes, while not down the street, isn't that bad solely based on location alone. Some people drive an hour and a half to their nearest apple store, others, like Montana, have no apple store at all in their entire state.

B. Some genius bars/teams are not the friendliest or...the best techs either. So I can't fault you if your experience was poor.

I don't personally think the genius bar is better, no. But again it depends on how nice/friendly/good they are at their jobs.

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