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Default Re: The OFFICIAL Mac User Support Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by wiegeabo View Post
Applecare is really picky, though. If you've got the slightest dent, your warranty is pretty much invalidated. I had a small dent on the top of my laptop. They refused to even fix the paint that had peeled off the keyboard (which was covered by the plan) because they claimed "they couldn't prove the damage was unrelated to the dent."

Bull ****. Really? My laptop's top was hit so hard that, even though the dent was minor, it knocked paint off the keyboard and keys?... ****ing ripoff.

At least I got them back somewhat. They had to replace 3 power supplies, at over $100 each. One was because my dog damaged it, but I just claimed it was bad (it was the second replacement I had gotten the day before, damn dog) and got another one in it's place.
Yes and no, it depends on several factors.

A. Are we talking applecare versus in store with a genius?

We can come back to that if you like.

B. Physical or cosmetic damage is not covered under the warranty or applecare.

C. Wear is also not covered, people that type heavily can wear down the keys, this is not covered.

D. The physical damage does/or should depend on what need to be fixed when take into consideration. Sometimes it is a flat, we will not fix, other times it is a, well we will fix this, but this only, and if it doesn't work we will need to void everything.

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