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Originally Posted by Resistance61513 View Post
I recommend everyone check out this video...

This is similar to the presentation we had at their Burbank studio. It's very informative and shows you the potential of this franchise.

thank you that was indeed very informative. I not sure I like ther their throw the word's secret agent and merc's as being the same thing since this more like a "soldier merc style "deal then an actual team off secret agents.(But it's a minor grip to look over, even though real life soldiers and secret agent can't stand being put in same place as merc's ) The skill progression tree looks interesting and I like the team base combo's. hmm I not sue i like that nya's back ground was changed thief to assassin as I feel the first one would have done and still put her at odd with her old man if he was the just the latter in the family and she just kept her profession, but doesn't like him cause of what he does. but any way it won't be a problem ether. I keep an eye on it.

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