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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
They didn't need to show it clearly either.
Well if ya want your audience to know that Gotham is reacting to Batman being back by making the headlines then ya need to show it. Ya ain't getting any buzz from Gotham's people about it.

They only showed the other newspaper because Bruce and Miranda were walking into a manor whose power was going to be knocked off and how Bruce indeed went from 'millionaire to bum'.
Except we already knew he lost all his dough. We heard him be told by Lucius. We saw him get kicked out of a board meeting in his own company.

Didn't need Mr. millionaire to bum headline to tell the obvious after all of that.

But the pic shows what really was, so I'm fine about that. I don't need everything shown on film.
But the pic doesn't pause like that in the movie for all of us to stop and squint at the partially obscured pic on the paper.

I know what you meant, but I can't find the Gotham Post paper. Look for it when you see TDKR again until I ever find a pic of the Gotham Post paper in TDKR.
Count on it.

Lol, it's fine if nobody was supporting me. That's usually what happens until I prove I'm right
So ya are used to being disagreed with. I am shocked.

]Wasn't the main news even if that Gotham Post paper could've been new that day? Yah, makes sense, lol.
Quickest damn print of a newspaper lol. He comes out of W.E. gets his pic taken, gets a lift to see Selina, then goes home and he's already got a fully printed paper out on the stands with a photo of him that was taken within an hour as though it was a huge breaking story they had already been talking about in the morning paper.

Yeah don't think so.

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
Exactly. It's also a staple of good storytelling in literature and really any and every medium.
Except it isn't Otherwise ya are saying BB and TDK did it wrong which they didn't. They did it right. They inhabit the world with detail by using people. People make more life than empty snowy peaceful looking streets.

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