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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Well if ya want your audience to know that Gotham is reacting to Batman being back by making the headlines then ya need to show it. Ya ain't getting any buzz from Gotham's people about it.
The audience already knows how Gotham has reacted by giving specific reactions from the patrol officers, Blake, Foley, Gordon, Selina and Daggett or even the news itself when a newscaster was interrupted by another newscaster saying how he believes it's Batman chasing the motorcycles.

Except we already knew he lost all his dough. We heard him be told by Lucius. We saw him get kicked out of a board meeting in his own company.

Didn't need Mr. millionaire to bum headline to tell the obvious after all of that.
The headline being shown just pushes the idea that yes, Wayne is now a "regular joe" as much as it was pushed when someone yelled out "Hey Wayne, how does it feel to be one of us?" as Bruce was leaving Wayne Tower.

But the pic doesn't pause like that in the movie for all of us to stop and squint at the partially obscured pic on the paper.
But yet there doesn't need to be anymore questioning when you can find such a pic.

Count on it.
Cool beans.

So ya are used to being disagreed with. I am shocked.
Until I prove I'm right

Quickest damn print of a newspaper lol. He comes out of W.E. gets his pic taken, gets a lift to see Selina, then goes home and he's already got a fully printed paper out on the stands with a photo of him that was taken within an hour as though it was a huge breaking story they had already been talking about in the morning paper.

Yeah don't think so.
Quickest damn print? Really? Wayne heading back to the manor was closer to the night time before Batman has his fight with Bane and the meeting at Wayne Tower could've been during the morning hours. That's not a quick print out when something new and unexpected has just happened. It's happened before for that business to spit out a new breaking story.

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