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Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I liked the original character designs a lot more .
well every one keeps saying that But it's a lost cause now. They made their chose.There are alot they could have done to make this stand out cause some how I bet this will get over looked over by alot of people.

The co-op will be fun, but some of it alot of people may say this has been done before to some degree. I also don't like it that the pushing them as american style (or the international version of it) secret agents from how they were/ still talking there's some spy theme there and it's more merc/ military then that in actually.

But it's a minor grip. but I feel they need to know the difference and stop throwing those words as if their interchangable. epecially since soldier and merc keep sayin the big between them selves and spies. but I'm dropping it. the parts I do see look like it'll be fun but more could be added. they said there's a demo coming.

We'll see if people will like it and then it's up to reviews next to what people say when the full game comes out and have played it.

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