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Default Re: Quicksilver will not be distinguishable between Avengers 2 and DOFP

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
It sucks because I'd love just a bit of hope to some day see an Avengers vs X-Men film (even though I know it won't happen).
Agreed. This was an easy link since they both own the same characters.

Looking back I always forget Singer threw out Whedons X-Men 1 rewrite awhile back ( but somehow that Storm line made it in haha) and Whedon felt he was treated pretty ****** by the studio. Dont think he blamed Singer but he never seemed happy about the situation or the fact he didn't see any X-Men fans working on it. Who knows if there was ever any good blood between any of these two studio crews . Im sure Marvel hates that they had to make this deal in the past with Fox. And that Fox isnt too happy about the Star Wars stuff either. Too bad. This is pretty much the final nail in the coffin on ever wanting a studio crossover.

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