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Default Re: Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Return for Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by Filmboy View Post
If Patrick Stewart is coming back, how are they going to explain the events in X3?

Didn't Jean killed Professor X in X3:the last stand??

And how in the world is Jean and Cyclops going to return when they're both dead as well in X3??

But then again, anything can happen.

First Class ending shows Professor X crippled. But the begining of X3 shows Professor X able to walk again.

This is one messed up X men movie Universe, just saying.
Yeah the "bald" Charles Xavier walking with Eric while visiting a young Jean Grey is just another one of the continuity flaws Fox wants you to ignore.

So ignore it or else....!

....Second thought I don't think they care if you ignore it or not just as long as you still go out to see it.

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