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You know I hope they do revisit this in about 10 years time and do a show based on the journey to been Superman. I do have this idea for a show and it would only be 14 episodes a season last for 5 seasons with a spin off season called the Last Days of Krypton. Which would be set between seasons 4 & 5 and sets up the Eradicator as the final season villain. It would be show like True Blood in the way that it would have a again arc no villain of the week scenario.

Clark would wear glasses from day one and this would be explained in an episode with a flashback of him kissing Lana Lang as a youngster which leads to his heat vision starting. I'd also have Lex in the first two seasons but only in a role similar to that in Superman Birthright. Season 3 would have Clark moving from Smallville and going to college where we'd be introduced to Lori Lemaris (however its spelt). Season 4 would end with him building the fortress discovering Kryptonian tech (the Eradictor) and going on his wordly travels. Then the Last Days of Krypton single season would start with Clark in the Fortress where Jor El would start explaining to him about how Krypton died. This would tie in with the Eradictor. In the final season Clark would return home from his travels and the Eradictor tech would try to turn Clark into the Krypton man & turn the world i to a new Krypton (I had this idea before i saw MOS) and the final episode would have Clark finally in the costume as Superman taking down the Eradictor and saving the world finally revealed to the world.

Anyway this just a basic outline at some point I'm gonna write up a full idea.

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