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Default Re: Am I the only one who feels like B'89 is vastly overrated?

Originally Posted by Nathan Petrelli View Post
Multiplicity doesn't count, for obvious reasons.
I myself consider your argument being flawed an obvious reason.

Originally Posted by Nathan Petrelli View Post
I suggest you watch Keaton as Bruce Wayne, then Keaton in Jackie Brown.
Two very good roles in a row. Speaks volumes about Keaton's skills as an actor.

Originally Posted by The_Dark_Knight View Post
I cant remember much from Forever, but I DO know that spidey quit in the comics and that was an ark in the series "Spider-man no more".

AND the first is also from the comics, Green Meanie kidnaps Gwen Stacy [in the movie they changed her to MJ] from the Death of Gwen Stacy, BOTH writen by Stan Lee.

So Forever had NO influence on the Spider-man series.
Yes. Every important superhero has quit some time.

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