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Default Re: The Rucka Punisher ongoing discussion!

It took three issues, but I can now say that I fully support Rucka's take on the Punisher. I was skeptical after Fraction nearly ruined the character and the whole "Franken-Castle" disaster but this guy really knows the character. As someone who has read and owns every PUNISHER issue Marvel has ever published, I can say that Rucka's writing is spot on (for now anyway). So, here's hoping Marvel keeps this direction!

Sidenote No.I: If the world made sense, MAX would be continuity and Franken-Castle would be an alternate reality (and forever forgotten). Before someone chimes in that the "haters never read it", I own the omnibus. It was okay as a story but NOT the MU Punisher. Thank God its over and Remender has moved on.

Sidenote No. II. Thank God the white boots and gloves are gone. They should never have returned. This isn't 1974/1985. Writers knew how lame this costume was in the early '90s and began phasing it out then. Why bring it back? So, here's hoping for more trenchcoats, bullet-proof vests, and real-world combat attire!

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