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Default Re: The Rucka Punisher ongoing discussion!

Well yeah I agree - the character is pretty black and white. I cant understand how people who dont understand the characters they write stay on them for so long. I read Thor too and Fraction has been pretty terrible on that too, thank thor we have Gillen's journey into mystery which is vastly superior even though it has to incorperate the events fraction creates into the narrative. I think Gillen is doing a masterful job on this actually. Not suprised that fraction admitted he doesnt get Thor, its pretty obvious. anyhow

Punisher Max was pretty good this week. Good but not great, while I'm enjoying it Im finding some of it a little contrived like the few bullets that the two automatics have (ok maybe they are .45's but the second looks like a Glock which would hold a fair few in the mag) and Frank not having stashes of money/guns all over the place including buried in the ground. Still its an enjoyable enough run, though I wish someone other than Dillon was on art which is regressive step for Max I feel. It's also wierd that MU punisher's art is so great and this is so bland in comparison. Dillon can tell a story but... ah overexposure I guess. Good but more Marvel Knights than Max unfortunatly.

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