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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
If Webb can turn in a script for a fourth movie that isn't garbage, he'll be fine.

I could see the 3rd film wrapping up the trilogy in the sense that it would complete the origin story. I'm thinking they might go with multiple "trilogies" that would exist in the same continuity, though the timing might coincide with cast and/or crew changes. The next trilogy of films could be a symbiote story.
Raimi would have turned in a great script too if he had time and wasn't bombarded by Sony again into using specific villains.

Originally Posted by zece View Post
Still like the TASM suit more. This is a copy from the comics, I get that, but the TASM suit was way too good IMO.

Originally Posted by FN Spider-man View Post
It really does seem like they care very much about what they're doing and it shows big time
It seems like they care much more about this film than the origin. I will always say, it felt like they just wanted to get the origin out and over with.

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