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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

I liken everyone being enamored by MOS Supes strength feats to people going with flashy knock out guys like Tyson/Pacquiao over the Ali/Weather type fighters.

Yes MOS Supes was strong, but did he really do much in the film that Thor couldn't do? Let's not forget that Thor caught and overpowered a punch from Hulk, now it doesn't sound like much but take into account this was the same arm that stopped that space whale in it's tracks. Now I know it wasn't as gratuitously flashy as punching someone through a building or any of the other stuff MOS Supes did but it's just as big when you think about it. A blow from Hulk has more tonnage behind it than that oil tanker Supes caught, the diesel he threw in the power lines, or most of the other things MOS Supes lifted.

The only feat I don't see Thor being able to do is resisting and powering through that gravity ray from that terraforming machine. So in essence while MOS Supes may "seem" lot stronger than MCU Thor their strength level are lot closer than you guys think. MOS was directed by Zack Snyder OF COURSE he's going to have more testosterone fueled strength feats than most other CBM, but that shouldn't cloud anyone's judgement on this matter. To be honest MOS Supes is nowhere near as strong as Donner's Superman, as a matter of fact he's far and away the weakest on film Superman yer.

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