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Default Re: Will Superman have a new costume in Man Of Steel Sequel?

Originally Posted by BatFan1979 View Post
I hope the only "tweaks" they make will be:

1. removal of some of the abdomen/wrist piping.
2. tone down the suit texture a bit
3. brighten the colors slightly
I think if it looked like this it would be perfect:

The way it looks in real life is pretty good, but I think the suit is not dark, I think it is the filter they used for the movie. For a movie that is heavy on special effects, it does make it easier to use a filter like the one they used. However, if in 1968 without using a filter that drained the colors, 2001: Space Odyssey was able to accomplish what it did, I think almost 50 years later they could make a Superman movie without using such that particular type of filter.

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