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Default Re: Will Superman have a new costume in Man Of Steel Sequel?

Originally Posted by Superman_200 View Post
I think if it looked like this it would be perfect:

The way it looks in real life is pretty good, but I think the suit is not dark, I think it is the filter they used for the movie. For a movie that is heavy on special effects, it does make it easier to use a filter like the one they used. However, if in 1968 without using a filter that drained the colors, 2001: Space Odyssey was able to accomplish what it did, I think almost 50 years later they could make a Superman movie without using such that particular type of filter.
Yeah, I realize the filter is the key to the on-screen color, but I just hope they tweak it. As for my other items, I think for Superman to transition from an alien suit to more of an Earthly version, the piping details at least could be toned down. But if they don't touch it, I'd be happy too

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